Lufkin Conn’s employees pitch in to help an amputee

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The employees at Conn's in Lufkin tookcustomer service to new heights this past weekend.

"Taking care of people, that'sour goal," said Assistant Manager, Clinton Tonkery.

Last Saturday Charles Lightfoot came into thestore seeking a power lift chair, but wasn't able to get financing.

The salesman working with Lightfootsaw he was in desperate need of the chair and decided to help.

"Garrick walked over to me and Chris andthen we decided we were all going to pitch in and buy him a chair," said Tonkery.

Lightfoot's leg was amputated due to aninfection from Diabetes in 2010. He's been confined to his wheelchair eversince.

"I was glad I was sitting down inmy wheelchair because I would have fell on the floor when they told me that,"said Lightfoot.

The power lift chair gives Lightfootbetter blood flow in his leg and offers better mobility in and out of his wheelchair."

"Sitting in a lift chair, you'reable to get in and out of it and you can lean back and prop your leg up andrest," said Lightfoot.

Electronics Specialist Chris Poullard didn'thesitate in helping, because Lightfoot's situation hit close to home.

"Diabetes pretty much runs in myfamily and when Garrick told me the man's situation, it was only right for usall to pitch in," said Poullard.

Lightfoot says their contributionswere unexpected and each employee helped relieve some of his pain.

"It's called a Godsend, I'm notused to people helping me," said Lightfoot.

For Lightfoot and the good Samaritan employees, the power lift chair wasa purchase they'll never forget.

"Best money I've probably everspent," said Poullard.

"I'll keepthanking them, every time I sit in this chair," said Lightfoot.

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