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Angelina County students reveal their inner geniuses at science and tech fair


A basketball playing robot is the handiwork of Lufkin 10th grader, Michael Lynn, and his robotics teammates. Lynn says building this machine has taught him valuable life lessons.

"I'm taking teamwork, friendships, and lots and lots of good connections," said Lynn.

These values are exactly what Lynn's robotics coach wanted him to learn.

"The most impressive thing is how much the kids learn about teamwork and what they teach each other about getting along with each other and other teams," said Lufkin High School Robotics Coach, Robyn Segrest.

The 15th Annual Angelina County Science and Tech fair allows robotics students to show other students that hard work and diligence pays off.

"School environment, you're kind of limited. You just have to read the book and do what the teacher tells you. But, this is a hands-on experience where you're able to learn and process all these images and everything through your mind," said 11th grade Hudson High School student, Noah Brock.

"We have to learn to work with each other's quirks in order to get around them and become more efficient in our individual tasks and jobs," said Lynn.

Ultimately, Segrest says this prepares students to be future leaders.

"We're putting out kids who know how to solve problems," said Segrest.

This year, Lufkin robotics helped Hudson compete for the first time in the robotics competition. Although Hudson's robot didn't make the top 10, they're optimistic about the future.

"The sky is the limit. I know that the students are really eager. It took us quite awhile to build our robot this year. I believe that we can build it a lot quicker next year," said Hudson High School Robotics Coach, P.T. Walters.

Students were judged on the projects they presented at Wednesday's competition. Several awards were given out to the "Judge's Choice" winner and those who placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. A one thousand dollar scholarship was also awarded to a graduating senior.

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