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Life after the NFL

TYLER, TEXAS (KLTV) - Eric Williams can still feel the effects of an NFL career.

"Mood swings, sometimes depression," said Williams, "But I would say memory issues is the biggest thing I deal with on an hourly basis."

The 10 year veteran played for the Lions and the Redskins.

Michael Strahan once called him the 'meanest player in the league.'

"I went out there with the intent on inflicting as much damage as I could."

But the damage done to others, now affects him.

"I remeber telling my doctor when I forgot my daughters name."

Williams is taking part in a study done by UCLA, to determine the affects of brain damage to former NFL players.

"There is damage done," said Williams, "To what extent and for how long, I just don't know."

"All the tests I have had, they still cant tell me if I have it until I donate my brain to science."

in the past year alone, at least five NFL players have committed suicide.

Their families claim, it's because of brain damage, caused by their NFL careers.

"We are dropping like flies, I think about 150 players are dying a year, and it is scary."

"We all knew football was violent sport, we just did not know how violent it was."

Williams was a Super Bowl winner with the 1992 Redskins but says he remembers little.

He also says the league is doing a good job, to make sure current players, can remember their careers.

"I am a big fan of [NFL Commissioner] Roger Goddell," said Wiliams, "The NFL is doing a ton and I am proud of Goddell and all the steps he is making."

Williams admits, with the money given to players today, it's tough to convince them not to play.

He's says if he had to choose, he would give up his career for a normal life.

"I would give it all back, the Super Bowl ring, the so called big money I made, which wasn't anything compared to today," said Wiliams, "I would give it all back in a millisecond, I would not even have to think."

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