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Josh Tipton

Your Voice, Your Vote: Josh Tipton, Shelby Co. Sheriff candidate


Candidate's Name: Josh Tipton

Date of Birth: 1978

Education: Panola Jr. College

Kilgore Police Acadamy

Family: yes

Religion: 25 year member at the First Baptist Church of Timpson

Contact Information:

Phone: (936) 645-5409

BIOGRAPHY/Career Highlights/ Awards/Recognition:

Peace Officer Commission

Special Weapons and Tactics Operations (SWAT)

Taser X26


Arrest Search and Seizure

Effective Report Writing

Field Sobriety Testing

Aresol Agent, and many more.

What qualifies you for this Office:

I was born and raised here in our county, and was your patrol deputy until the later part of 2011, therefore, I know what you expect and deserve from your Sheriff and department.  I am very familiar with our rural roads and the layout of the county.  I have worked on the inside of the Sheriff"s Department, and know what changes need to be made to better serve you. The "GOOD OL BOY" system will no longer dictate the way your department is run.  I promise to be frugal in budgeting and managing all money allocated to the Sheriff's Department.  I am responsible for 16,000 to 22,000 dollars per day on my current job.

What are your plans if elected:

I am concerned about the safety of our citizens and the future of our young people, you need to feel safe in your home and on our streets.  The drug problem is our main objective, a K-9 unit for our students and teachers for a safer education environment and community.  Departmental changes are needed for a true and fair justice system for all people of Shelby County, these changes can take place with the assistance of all our local and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies.  The office of Shelby County Sheriff is not to be taken lightly, it is an office for the people, by the people.

I will give you 4 good solid years, and not just on election year.

I am asking and thanking you for your vote on May 29th.

Josh Tipton