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Allen Hill and family
Allen Hill and family

Your Voice, Your Vote: Allen Hill, Angelina Co. Sheriff candidate


Candidate's Name:  Allen Hill           

Date of Birth: July 21, 1966

Education: High School education and currently working on degree in criminal justice.

Family: Wife, Monica Hill who is a police officer at SFA Police Dept.

Daughter, Mikayla, 7 yrs old.

Religion: Christian, I attend Clawson Assembly of God.

Contact Information:

Phone: 936-634-3331



I am a 17 year veteran of the Angelina County Sheriff's office.

I have worked as patrolman, investigator, patrol supervisor, narcotics supervisor and currently Captain over all law enforcement divisions at the Sheriff's office.

I worked overseas in Afghanistan for the U.S. State dept. and was the regional supervisor for the southern region of Afghanistan in charge of all police training operations in that region.

Currently, I work for the FBI as a gang task force officer assigned to the Lufkin office.

I also have a close working relationship with the DEA air wing out of Houston who brings state of the art aircraft to our county to assist with law enforcement related activities at no cost to the taxpayers of Angelina County.

I am a TCLEOSE instructor, as well as, a firearms instructor, less lethal instructor, SFST instructor and defensive tactics instructor.

In addition, I am SWAT certified.  I've been a member of the SWAT team for almost 10 years and currently I serve as one of the team commanders.

Other Career Highlights:

Three years ago I was assigned to head the Narcotics Division.  During that time I have been responsible for the seizure of more illegal drugs and drug labs than any other officer in Angelina County.  I currently work with troubled youth in an effort to give them a positive role model and change the direction of their lives.

What qualifies you for this office?

I am a 17 year veteran of the Sheriff's office. I know how it operates and the issues and challenges that face the office.  I have worked in and been a supervisor in every division of the Sheriff's office.  I am currently the Captain and oversee patrol, Investigations, civil process and dispatch.  I have many years of supervisory and budgeting experience and have supervised large groups of people and have exceptional supervisory skills.

I lead from the front by setting the example for my employees to follow. There is no job that I am not willing to perform myself.  Leading by example is the key to true leadership.

What are your plans if elected (re-elected)?

I will change the hiring policy at the Sheriff's department so that everyone has an equal opportunity for employment.  The policy will be written in a manner to get the most qualified individual for the position and I will stay out of the hiring process other than to make sure it is done fairly.  Department personnel will be held accountable for their actions.  I will expand narcotics operations within Angelina County by reassigning current personnel, as well as, reinstate the DARE program in our schools to educate our children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

I will cut cost by changing the meal plan the inmates currently get and by giving inmates the absolute minimum allowed by law.

I will ensure that all employees conduct themselves in a profession and courteous manner and will address all citizen complaints.

I will be a working Sheriff accessible to the public and will be in the field as much as possible to see the issues first hand instead of listening to what I am told. When I am told something I research it for myself and gather the facts before I act on any given issue.

I have a good relationship with the commissioners and will work with them to address issues facing the county and will make concessions when possible but will never compromise on an issue that effects public safety in a negative manner.

Allen Hill