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May the Fourth be with you!

May the Fourth is known in Star Wars fan circles as Star Wars Day.  (Source: CNN) May the Fourth is known in Star Wars fan circles as Star Wars Day. (Source: CNN)

(RNN) - Break out the lightsabers and speak like Yoda – it's Star Wars Day.

Today, fans of the movies commonly say "May the fourth be with you" as a play on the series popular phrase "May the Force be with you."

George Lucas, who understood product licensing and merchandising in 1977 before the rest of us, has turned over to the fan created holiday.

The website offers e-cards to send friends, new online games, and pairs of photos to put on your Facebook timeline and taking advantage of the allotted two-image feature.

For example, there is a photo of Darth Vader using the dark side of the Force to choke someone who has displeased him to pair with a photo of Admiral Motti pulling at his collar who did the actual displeasing in the movie; a photo of Luke hanging upside down to pair with his light saber in a snow bank on the ice planet of Hoth; and a beat up X-Wing Fighter to pair with Master Yoda holding out his hand, clearly using the force to remove it from the swamp on the planet Dagobah.

Fans also can watch a marathon of the fourth season of the animated show Star Wars: The Clone Wars on the website, as well as a preview of season five.

(However, the SyFy channel seems to want to stir controversy – or maybe offer a refuge for Trekkies - by airing a marathon of Star Trek: The Next Generation for a good part of the day.)

Not quite up on all your Star Wars characters and vernacular? Head over to Wookieepeida, the online Star Wars encyclopedia.

So, May the Fourth be with you. Enjoy the day, you will!

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