Leadership stressed today in Nacogdoches

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Nacogdoches County eighth graders probably played follow the leader as youngsters. Now a group of 32 students are officially Leaders Of Tomorrow (LOT). They are representing every school in the county.

All school year long the LOT crew participates in various activities designed to motivate them to become leaders in their community. Participants graduated in a special ceremony on Wednesday.

"It helps you make wiser decisions in different scenarios," said Gunner Smith, a Nacogdoches ISD LOT graduate.

They also come to realize there are all kinds of leaders.

"I have a little sister," said Destiny Scaies, with a large smile. "She doesn't like following, but, you know, I help her through it," said the Woden ISD LOT graduate.

Another leadership program going on today, Friday is Generation Texas. It is encouraging students to fine tune their leadership skills by going to college.

GenTx Day is congratulating students for making the wise choice.

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"Because you are going to college in and of itself you're becoming a leader and so you have to figure out how can you actually capitalize on that education and make your community better as a leader," said GenTx coordinator, Nikki Thompson Frazier.

A variety of events are planned throughout East Texas for today including college t-shirt day, career fairs and special presentations by GenTx representatives and volunteers.

Also Friday is Chick-Fil-A Leadercast.  Nacogdoches Christian Job Corp is hosting the video conference so locals can learn from great leaders, including  Tim Tebow, NFL quarterback.

"It's about continuing to grow and learn because you think about it we should all be life long learners and as a leader if you are truly a life long learner you're constantly reading, exploring, doing conferences to continue to build on these skills," said Frazier who also volunteers for Job Corp.

LOT, TenTx, and Leadercast will get you started to making the right choices in life.