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Jason Bridges
Jason Bridges

Your Voice, Your Vote: Jason Bridges, Nacogdoches Co. Sheriff candidate


Candidate's Name: Jason Bridges

Date of Birth: 40 years of age

Education: High School graduate, College, Military

Family: Spouse, Ashley   and three children ages 13, 5, and 2

Religion: Baptist

Contact Information:

Phone: (936) 559-3486

Address: P.O. Box 173 Etoile, Texas 75944

BIOGRAPHY/Other Career Highlights:  

Served in the United States Marine Corps Infantry Division, 19 years of law enforcement experience, two and half years with the state department police mission in Iraq. I am currently the elected constable of precinct 4. I am Certified in Clandestine Methamphetamine Onsite Management. I have started drug awareness programs for our schools in precinct 4 and have reduced the crime rate for our precinct by 46% since taking office in 2009.


Peace officer of the year award, Narcotics officer of the year award, valor award, and several letters of commendations.  Have served on boards for the Nacogdoches County Peace Office Association, and K-9 handlers association.

What qualifies you for this office?

I am the elected Constable of Precinct 4. I hold a Master Peace Officer, Instructor, Advanced Peace officer, Intermediate Peace Officer, Basic Peace Officer, and Jailor license for the State of Texas. I am a graduate of the College of the Mainland Police Academy, a Certified K9 Handler, SWAT Operations Commander, Instructor for the Drug Interdiction Assistance Program, Instructor for the El Paso Intelligence Center, and a Certified Explosives Handler. I am trained in Advanced Narcotics Investigations, Certified Clandestine

Methamphetamine Onsite Management and am a former Task Force Officer with the Department of Public Safety and U.S. Customs. I have 19 years of law enforcement experience including patrolman through the rank of lieutenant, as a jailor through the rank of sergeant and in Iraq with the State Department.  I attended college while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps with a course of study in management of personnel and emphasis on leadership.

What are your plans if elected (re-elected)?

Leadership, training and work ethic are key issues in this election. I will immediately implement training for our staff and make it a top priority. The results will have an immediate impact on the department and move us toward becoming the best we can be. I will repair the deteriorated relationships with other local agencies, make sure we employ qualified people, reduce the cost of feeding our inmate population, justify every expense, eliminate the abuse in the take-home car program and put more deputies on our streets to protect us. We will be much more active in education and training and I will maintain an open door policy to all citizens and employees.

The first thing that I would change is the lack of financial accountability to the County.  I will immediately move to maximize the inmate work program. Our tax payers are feeding these inmates and putting them to work will help offset the cost of feeding and housing them. My office and my officers will be very active in the community, not just at election time, but every day of the year. I will expand the education program I have begun in Precinct 4 schools and expand it county wide. We will reduce the high rate of turnover within the department and our deputies will be educated and well trained and the embarrassing proficiency probation our department is saddled with will be a thing of the past. Together, just as we have done in Precinct 4, we will reduce crime and the illegal manufacture and use of drugs throughout the County.

My vision and goal of the Sheriff Office is to have the most highly trained officers in the state of Texas. A sheriff's office that will act as a role model for other departments to follow and to set the standard, one that represents our citizens of Nacogdoches County in a manner it deserves.

Jason Bridges