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Beehive throws E. Texas pros for a loop


A ferocious swarm of bees fought to protect their hive Friday afternoon.

"It was like a black cloud that came out of the tree and hit us. They were stinging us through the bee suits and that's a tell tale sign that things are going to start getting dangerous," said Clint Thomas, who was hired to remove the bees. 

The property owner called in professionals; she said even they were surprised at what they found.

"I think it may have been a little bit more than they could chew," said Suzy Thony, the property owner. 

Even that might be an understatement.

"This is a $200 suit; these gloves are supposed to be sting free," Thomas said. 

Bees, 5 to 100,000 bees coming at the pros full force. 

"Once they sting you, they mark you with a pheromone and then all the other bees know where to go sting you again. I've been stung 40 or 50 times today," explained Thomas. 

The professionals said bees are now an endangered species, so the property owner does not want them killed.

"We are going to let the bees calm down over night, seal the entrance and cut this tree from the bottom and drop it. Then we are going to carry it to a pasture, so these bees can go live happily ever after," Thomas said. 

A little relocation on the bees part, but in the end, no harm done.

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