World War II Veteran reunited with former training plane

SHELBY COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - The 9th Annual Center Fly- in Air Show waschance for the Shelby County community to get a view from a differentperspective.

The event included free flights forthe kids and flight stunt pilots for everyone to enjoy.

"Shelby county kids, we just tryto give them something that they can do," said Jenny Fancher, AssistantDirector, Shelby County Chamber of Commerce.

"About 15 planes flew in to Center forthe air show including one from 1943."

"It's a 1943, UC78 B, it wasoriginally a military trainer," said Terry Sullivan, Pilot.

90-year-old W.I. Davis recognized it as soonas it taxied in, he spent 400 hours training in one during World War II.

"These were used primarily for twinengine training, I guess 1944 was the first time I flew one of these,"said Davis.

Davis was a part of the Army Air Coreand trained in the plane to get comfortable with more complicated models.

"Training pilots to fly B-17's,B-24's, multi-engine planes, this was just to get you familiar with operatingmore than one engine," said Davis.

It took Terry Sullivan about five years torestore the plane to its former glory.

He says meeting veterans like Davis isjust an added bonus to restoring planes.

"They're a piece of history,they're walking history books, that's why I focus my attention on people whodid it for real and went to war, we owe them a lot," said Sullivan.

For Davis, seeing a plan he hadn'tseen in decades was an unexpected gift.

"Its just a great experiencegetting to see it and see that its been restored and the shape its in, it looksprobably better than the last one I flew," said Davis.

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