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Donald Fisher
Donald Fisher

Your Voice, Your Vote: Donald Fisher, Trinity Co. Sheriff candidate


Name: Donald Fisher

Date of Birth: November 21, 1975

Education: Jan 2001: Rio Salado Community College, Arizona: • Certification: • Concentration: Law Enforcement Technology, May 1994: Crockett High School, Texas, USA• High School Graduate, February 1998 to April 2012: Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education: Over 1900 Training and Education Hours

December 1998 Conditional Reserve Certificate

November 1999 Peace Officer License

June 2001 Basic Peace Officer Certificate

August 2007 Intermediate Peace Officer Certificate

January 2008 Advanced Peace Officer Certificate

Numerous other law enforcement training (certificate provided upon request)

Family: Wife, Leshia.

Two daughters, Deanna and Kailyn.

Religion: Baptist

Contact Information:


BIOGRAPHY/Other career highlights/Awards or Recognition: 2003 U.S. Department of Homeland Security Certificate of Appreciation, 2005 Trinity Police Association Award for Meritorious Conduct, 2006 Trinity Police Office Association Award for Officer Of the Year, 2007 Trinity County Crime Stoppers Commendation.

What qualifies you for this office?  What are your plans if elected (re-elected)?:

Today, I announce my candidacy for Trinity County Sheriff.   I am asking you to join me in making our communities safer and our families more secure.
As a police officer/sheriff's deputy, I have enforced Civil and Criminal Laws of Texas and I understand the county that I live in and that I want to represent.   I have arrested drug dealers, perpetrators of child abuse, and domestic violence, because I wanted to protect and serve our County's neighborhoods.  Now, I want to serve as your Sheriff because we need new leadership. Trinity County has a challenge ahead of it as we look towards the future.  Our county should have a positive law enforcement presence instead of a negative one.  
Trinity County's hardworking citizens deserve a Sheriff who can lead them into a new era of preparedness and public safety.  I've been on the front lines of public safety since I became a police officer and that's where I'll always be.  With the support of the citizen's of Trinity County, my dream can come true.  If I am elected Sheriff of Trinity County the following are some of the plans that I intend to implement:

Look at restructuring the department to better suit the needs of the Citizens of the County by restoring fiscal responsibility and improving collaboration between local and state law enforcement.

Bring excellence in training, testing, and standards to the deputies, dispatchers, and jailers in the department in hopes of improving performance.

Improve the communication between the department and the state so that all evidence is accounted for and all victims are supported.

Active and consistent patrol of subdivision areas.

Be accountable for responding to the needs of the county when other assigned agencies are not available.

Drastic changes are needed in the way our Sheriff's Department conducts itself and its operations.  As Sheriff, my door will be open to all. Concerns and suggestion on how to improve the efficiency of the department will be readily accepted with an open mind.  This Sheriff's department will be highly professional under my administration. By doing so, department personnel will gain a personal worth, pride, satisfaction and yes, pleasure in their professional achievements, leading to better protection for the citizens of Trinity County. Under my administration our sheriff's department will not only be accountable to the Citizens of Trinity County but viewable.

I ask for your vote in the upcoming election, as I want to be your Sheriff of Trinity County.

Donald Fisher