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Central Elementary honors the life of 100 year old volunteer


She's 100 years old, and for a quarterof a century, Bettie Turner has volunteered her time at Central Elementary.

"She has a lot of love foreverybody and everybody loves her here," said Jamie Solly, CentralElementary.

Monday Bettie celebrated her 100thbirthday with everybody she loves.

"I thank God that I'm still aliveand able to get around and have assistance that I able to get around,"said Turner.

They call her "Granny Turner" and ifthey need her, the students and staff know exactly where to find her.

"Whenever she walks in they'reall 'Hey granny, good morning granny' everybody wants to hug her and she alwayshas a hug for everyone," said Solly.

"I love these children, they allobey so I like that," said Turner.

Granny Turner has no biological kids,but she has adopted.

 Over 600 Pre-K to 5th grade students camethrough the library to say happy birthday to their favorite volunteer.

"She was in kindergarten with meshe helped me and she helped us learn a lot and she tells me what to do when Imess up and she tells me how to write and color," said Cullen Merrell, 1stgrader, Central Elementary.

 Norma Parker has worked with Granny Turner for21 years, she says the kids have a certain respect for her.

"She likes her way, she's fromthe old school and you do things a certain way," said Parker.

For 26 years Granny has never missed abeat.

"Its definitely kept her youngand that's what she'll say, Its kept her young, kept her going," saidSolly.

She doesn't have any plans to slowdown.

"As long as I'm able to work, andif she'll keep me here, I'll be here," said Turner.

From a woman who has helped raise ageneration, that's a promise they know she'll keep.

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