East Texas chapter of AARP disbanding from national organization

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Another East Texas chapter of the AARP is leaving the national organization.

The American Association of Retired Persons is a very successful national group, but just today, the Nacogdoches chapter voted to stop meeting.

Deciding to do away with a 40-year-old chapter leads to debate.

"We are not getting any new members and so I think maybe it's time to dissolve," said member Connie Spreadbury.

"I am not for  disbanding this organization. I am not for it at all," said former president Gayle Sones.

There's no easy solution to the problem.

"The only thing that it will take to fix it, this unit, this chapter, is to have more members," said member Joyce Hancock.

AARP Is the largest senior citizen organization in the nation.

People as young as 55 can be members, but work and politics get in the way sometimes.

"I don't agree with national's philosophy altogether, but I do think that our local group has done a lot of good," said member Macra Brunson.

Today's demise at the local level here in Nacogdoches doesn't mean that seniors aren't staying busy.

They volunteer in many different ways throughout the community.

Macra is a volunteer  for six organizations.

"I guess that's just about all. Well, Retired Teachers," said Brunson.

"We will just redirect some of that energy from what we were using here," said Hancock.

The closest AARP chapter is Kilgore.

Ironically the move to close AARP comes during Senior Corps week.

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