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Gift of Love: Jayden

11-year-old Jayden had a ball as he tried his hand at the batting cages. This 4th grader loves sports and enjoys school.
His favorite subjects are, "Math and Science," Jayden said.

Jayden tells me he loves doing the experiments in science class.  Jayden has a huge smile, and he is very friendly and helpful. Jayden strives for attention and loves to get positive feed back from others. 

As for his future, he wants to do something in sports.

"Football Coach," Jayden says.

And if that doesn't work out, he has another career path he is thinking about.

"Marine Biologist," Jayden said.

Jayden says he loves fish and likes to go to the ocean.  He also likes to play on his PS3 and go to the movies.
Jayden said "Scary movies," are this favorite.

Freddie is his favorite scary movie.

When it comes to his forever family, Jayden would like to have older siblings.

"Brothers and sisters," Jayden said.

Like most boys his age, Jayden thinks big when it comes to his 3 wishes.

"Be the richest person in the world. What's your second? Have all the Jordans and Nikes in the world. And you have the final one. What's your third wish? Live in the president's house," Jayden said.

He says most importantly he looks forward to having a family of his own.  One that he can enjoy life with.

"Go to football games and go fishing," Jayden said.

And do all the things that family do while showing Jayden the Gift of Love.

If you'd like to know more about Jayden call our Gift of Love Hotline, toll-free, 1-888-KIDS-275.


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