Attack at the track

We're learning more about a scary situation at a walking track in Hudson, where a woman was grabbed from behind by a man and fondled before escaping. At 6, Alexis Spears explains why school officials chose not to alert parents about the situation and what measures they're taking to prevent this from happening again.

Francesca Washington continues our Your Voice, Your Vote series with a look at the Democratic primary race for Trinity County Sheriff. This race is unusual as the incumbent Democrat sheriff faces a challenger in the preliminary round against a longtime law enforcement officer. That report's at 10.

At 6, Francesca steps into the role of a forest firefighter. She'll also tell you how prepared firefighters are for the upcoming fire season.

Future mothers should be happy to hear from Donna McCollum at 10, as newborns will now be tested for a severe immunity disease. You'll learn why it's important to catch it early to save the life of your precious infant.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor