Texas Forest Service hosts safety workshop to prepare for wildfire season

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) - After the 2nd longest fire season in state history, the Texas Forest Service is sharing what they've learned.

"The drought that had last year not only dried out the fuels from last year but we still have some fuels that are trying to recover and they're not going to be able to recover in just one year alone," said Karen Stafford, Staff Forester.

The Fireline Safety Workshop is giving the media an inside look at how fire crews prepare to battle a blaze. From instant fire shelters to using meals ready to eat, they have to be ready for anything.

"A lot of pre-training and continuous watching of the condition and circumstances of the weather we're heading into for that season," said Todd Nightingale.

Those on the front lines aren't the only ones who need to prepare.

Last summer's fire storm should serve as a warning that every family needs to be ready at a moment's notice.

"Helping to get the word out to the public as well on not just the current fire conditions that they're in but also what they would be doing as far as firewise practices and how to prepare themselves," said Stafford.

The good news, recent rainfall in East Texas is putting forest land on the road to recovery

"We're looking at better conditions starting the fire season now, last year this time we were quite active already, this season its starting out on the lesser end," said Nightingale.

With fire season off to a quiet start, it's giving everyone a chance to prepare for anything.

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