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Lufkin man on bond arrested again for stalking

Stephen Thompson mug shot courtesy of Angelina County Jail. Stephen Thompson mug shot courtesy of Angelina County Jail.

A Lufkin man arrested last month accused of continuously harassing his ex-girlfriend at her apartment complex is back in jail again for harassing her.

On April 17, Lufkin Police arrested Stephen Mark Thompson, 52, of Lufkin and charged him with a felony offense of stalking.

While out on bond, Thompson was arrested again, after he was suspected to be sitting outside the same woman's apartment.

On May 2, the victim told police she stepped outside her apartment to smoke a cigarette when she noticed Thompson sitting in his vehicle, a black Nissan 350Z. The victim said Thompson had his window down, and was staring at her. He then began revving his engine motor while he continued to stare at her.

The victim ran back inside the apartment and called police. Officers arrived, but Thompson had already left the scene. While there, the victim gave a statement to police that Thompson had been calling her friends and telling them she had been sleeping with their husbands.

Police said the victim was emotional and upset about the continual harassment by Thompson.

A short time later an Angelina County sheriff's deputy spotted Thompson's black Nissan driving erratically turning onto Loop 287 from Feagin, which is around the corner from the victim's apartment. Thompson was arrested and charged with DWI.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit, officers were dispatched to the 2500 block of South John Redditt Drive on March 23, in reference to Thompson trying to beat down the complainant's door. Officers arrived and saw Thompson was pounding on an upstairs apartment door and yelling loudly as if he were very angry with the person inside, according to the report.

The officer spoke with a woman inside the apartment, who said she had a history of violence with Thompson and that he was arrested for assaulting her at her old address. She said she moved to the new apartment to get away from him, but was not sure of how he had found her. She said she was with her friend at a restaurant when a random person approached her and said Thompson was on the other side of a brick wall and had been watching and staring at her. She said she saw him, but pretended not to notice him. When she returned home was when Thompson came and knocked on the door.

Police arrested Thompson on that day on a charge of resisting detention and the apartment complex requested a criminal trespass warning for Thompson.

On April 13, officers were dispatched to the same apartment by an anonymous caller who said a woman was selling drugs from her apartment. Officers met with the woman, who said Thompson most likely called in the complaint and let officers search her apartment. The officers reported finding no signs of drug activity. During that time, the caller made five more calls about the drug activity. Police traced the number back to Thompson's.

On April 16, the woman said Thompson had called Turner's co-worker and threatened him. The woman said Thompson believed she was in a relationship with the co-worker, but he is not.

The woman later returned to the police station and said she had been repeatedly called and texted by Thompson.

Thompson was re-arrested on May 9 and charged with third degree felony stalking.  He was booked in Angelina County Jail.  As of 11:30 a.m. Thursday his bond has not been set yet.

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