Full Body Scans

by Michelle Mortensen

East Texans can now get a clear picture of what they look like on the inside. Trinity Mother Frances Health Systems unveiled its Avanto MRI Total Imaging Body Scan today. It's so advanced there are only five like it in the nation..

"Ok, this first one is going to be of the head and neck area," explains one of the Mother Frances MRI technicians.

The Mother Frances Avanto MRI scans your entire body.

I was one of the first people given a body scan on the new machine. This MRI is different from traditional MRIs. It's fast. It scanned my body in less than 12 minutes, and the pictures are crystal clear.

"It provides image clarity 100 times better than previous MRI technology," explains cardiologist Dr. Roderick Meese.

Anyone can get a full body scan on the Avanto MRI, but it's also used to help diagnose sick patients without an uncomfortable procedure.

Dr. Ken Walker at Mother Frances explains what they can find on the scans.

"You can see tumors, you can see lesions, inflammatory things like infection. We can evaluate the vascular structure see if there are any blockages."

When my scan was finished Dr. Walker went over my pictures.

"Well, we are looking at your body in what's called the coronal plane, as if we slashed you from head to toe and looking at you straight on," he says. "You can see where the spinal cord is going down the spinal canal. It all looks good. Here's your heart. You see your liver there. It looks normal and very nice."

Everything from my head to my toes is in working order, according to Dr. Walker. He says that's one of the benefits of this new Avanto MRI scan. It can answer most patients' health questions accurately in a matter of minutes.

The cost of the Avanto full body scan varies. To learn more, contact Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler.