Low Carb = Big Business

The low carb craze has taken the nation by storm. Two-thirds of Americans – about 163 million – are counting carbs.

This former fad diet is now a lifestyle, and the lifestyle means big business. Low carb stores are all the rage, and now they've found a home in East Texas.

Two years ago, Nannette Rice had a dream of opening her own low carb store and bakery. Then it may have been a risky endeavor, but now it's big business because East Texans have gone low carb crazy.

Nannette's Low Carb & More Store has only been open a few weeks, but business is booming.

"We've been having 20 or 30 people a day, and with advertisement and word of mouth, we're having more and more," says Nannette.

Her customers can't get enough of the low carb cookies, cornbread, and cakes. Or the low carb soups, sodas, and sweets.

"They've got everything you need," says one customer.

They've got everything from things you can bake to baked goods you can buy, making your low carb diet easier to follow.

"Everybody who comes in is just ecstatic to have a store where they can come in and just shop," says Nannette.

"Everything here is low carb, so you know what you are looking at. You don't have to analyze everything," says customer Steve Comer.

The fact that it helps people lose weight, is just the icing on the low carb cake.

The Low Carb & More Store is located in Tyler.