Underage Drinking Can Cause Irreparable Brain Damage In Teens

Many parents think giving their children permission to drink will keep them from experimenting with harder drugs. Paramedic Ginger Brown says, if parents saw the effects of underage drinking first hand, they'd think twice about supplying their kids with alcohol.
"It's very disheartening to roll up on any type of an accident, especially an alcohol-related accident, where children are involved, because there was some irresponsibility on an adult's part somewhere; either a parent not watching their child, or the adult was the intoxicated one and the child received the injuries," Brown says.
Education Specialist Jean East says, underage drinking leads to adult drinking; and that leads to both health and social problems.
"The earlier that you begin drinking, the faster you can become an alcoholic," East says. "Also, if you are abusing alcohol at a very early age, then it does have brain damage that is not repairable."
Research shows underage drinking is no longer on the rise. Alcohol and drug awareness programs are working year-round to teach teens how to say no.