Prescription Drug Cards

The new Medicare prescription drug benefit doesn't go into effect until 2006.  But the government says help is coming.

Seniors can now log onto to apply for whichever prescription drug card they feel will save them the most.  There are 73 cards to choose from, depending on what area you live in.

If you're not internet savvy, you can do it over the phone. Just call 1 (800)-medicare and , tell the associate what prescriptions you take and where you live, and they'll be able to tell you which card is going to give you the best deal for those drugs.

Health officials say the program could help seniors save between 10 to 15% on the overall cost of all their drugs.

Some seniors who already pay for prescription drug coverage may save less with the card than with their current plan.

The AARP says if you do apply, take your time choosing a card.  Once you pick, you can't change until the end of the year.  The card companies, on the other hand, can change what drugs they cover and how much you save as often as once a week.