Nacogdoches women volunteer to build home on Mother’s Day weekend

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Saws, drills and hammers were brand newconcepts for some Habitat for Humanity volunteers.

In honor of Mother's Day, National WomenBuild Week gave women the opportunity to get their hands dirty for a good cause.

"What it's designed to do is not toexclude men but to empower women to assist with building affordable homes forfamilies," said Nancy Wright, Board Member, Habitat for Humanity Nacogdoches.

Last week volunteers attended a workshopwhere they learned exactly what it takes to build a home with confidence.

"For the women who got to touch toolsfor the first time, they gained a lot of confidence and I think they will beable to take that going forward and not be frightened of it," said Wright.

This weekend they put their new skills to thetest and helped with the construction of a Nacogdoches home.

Volunteer Amanda Sunkle said building thehome with just women gives them the chance to prove they can do anything.

"I think its really important that womenget out there and show that we have great qualities to build things and worktogether," said Sunkle.

Its about more than showing off their skills,the women are building for a single mother and her four kids, helping toconstruct her dream home on mother's day.

"To know this is going to be a home forsomebody that somebody is going to be able to say, this is mine and I helpedbuild it," said Sunkle.

"It works miracles in those familieslives and it transforms neighborhoods," said Wright.

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