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Lufkin residents plant crops to help families in need


 Neighbors in north Lufkin are planting cropsto help out families in need.

 George Harris and the Neighborhood Council ofNorth Lufkin planted three gardens 20 years ago to provide fruit and veggiesfor the community.

 Local businesses donate the seeds andvolunteers donate their time to ensure needy families get the nourishment theyneed.

This weekend volunteers tidied up thegarden to prepare them for the first harvest of the season.

"It's reallyrefreshing, and its good what happens when you give people things that theyneed, they really appreciate it and you can tell that they appreciate it and itfeels so good to help. Its called service, everyone needs to be in service,"said Victor Travis, President Leadership Council North Lufkin.

Last year's drought reallyhurt crop growth it's bouncing back this year with peas, squash andwatermelons. The first harvest is set to happen in about a week.

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