Sheriff: Authorities track down wanted Lufkin man before he commits robbery

James Garrett. (Source: Angelina County Jail.)
James Garrett. (Source: Angelina County Jail.)

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Deputies with the Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Office managed to track down a man wanted by federal authorities before he could rob a business, according to Sheriff Thomas Kerss.

Kerss said officials with the US Marshal's Service contacted him about James Alan Garrett, 52, of Lufkin, who they believed to be in Chireno. Garrett had just finished a 23-year federal prison term and was on supervised release.

Kerss said Garrett had refused to comply with the terms of the supervision and a new warrant was out for his arrest. Deputies went to the Chireno area, but could not locate him. But they did learn he was in Nacogdoches and managed to locate him at the Lexington Place Nursing Home, located at 611 Northwest Stallings Drive.

Deputies managed to arrest him without incident, but it was what they discovered after that which Kerss said drew concern.

"He was wearing two sets of clothing," Kerss said. "He had a layer of dark clothing concealed under bright red clothing. And he had a bandana and gloves and three live rounds of nine-millimeter ammo in his pocket and an air pistol in the waistband of his pants."

Kerss said the discovery made them believe he was planning to rob another location.

The warrant for Garrett's arrest implies he has mental issues, as he allegedly violated his supervised release on several occasions, by moving without giving notice and skipping meetings with his supervisor.

One of the allegations describes an incident on March 26, when Garrett's sister said he was no longer living there and she was concerned he could pose a danger to others. She said he was not sleeping at night, blocking doors with chairs and going through the house with a flashlight and "checking the premises."

Before release, Garrett was housed in a maximum security unit and had been filed on for having homemade weapons, cutting another inmate's face with a razor blade, fighting, threatening others and refusing to submit to drug testing.

Garrett now faces three more years in federal prison. He is being held in the Angelina County Jail.

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