Troublemakers out of Lufkin

Two serial criminals on different spectrums of their careers are out of Lufkin for a while, after one pleads guilty to shooting the other. At 6, Alexis Spears explains how the case evolved and talks to the men on both sides of the gun.

Also at 6, meet the "Latinos Unidos," a group focused on bringing leadership to the Hispanic community in Nacogdoches.

You get stressed out and decide to jump into that tub of ice cream? We're all probably guilty of that. At 6, Francesca Washington explains some tips about how you can enjoy what you eat without gaining weight.

You may get tired of hearing, "buckle up for safety." But at 10, Jamie Livingston introduces you to a living reason why you should embrace the cliche.

Some only dream of playing in a rock band. In Tina Alexander's Somebody's Gotta Do It report, you'll learn how some dreams come true. That's at 10.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor