Man Accused of Beating Girlfriend, Killing Twin Sons

A Lufkin man is still in jail, accused of murdering his unborn children.

Lufkin police say 18-year-old Gerardo Flores beat his girlfriend, who was five months pregnant at the time. The 16-year-old girl delivered stillborn twin fetuses at home.

Flores is in the Angelina County Jail charged with murder. The judge set his bond at $250,000.

Before September 1, 2003, killing an unborn child was not legally a criminal offense. An act that was passed after the murder of Laci Peterson and her unborn child changed that.

Previous to last September 1st, an individual was a person who was born and is alive," Lufkin Police Officer, Lt. Denman, says. "And what the state legislature did was went back in and redefined an individual, as a person at the time of conception."

Murderers may not be the only criminals who face murder charges, under the new law.

"This might apply in the case of, perhaps, a drunk driver," Denman says. "In the car in which a pregnant woman was riding or driving, and through the cause of a wreck, caused the death of that unborn child. Maybe not of the mother, but of the unborn child."

The act does not require proof that a person knew or should have known that the victim of their crime was pregnant; or intended to cause death or injury to the unborn child.

There is an exception to the Laci and Conner's Law. It does not apply to licensed medical professionals who perform abortions.