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Woodland Heights begins surgical robot use with gallbladder removal


Last month surgeons at WoodlandHeights Medical Center performed the hospital's first single site surgery usinga surgical robot.

Surgeons used the da VinciSi system to remove a patient's gallbladder with a single incision.

Traditional roboticsurgeries require three to five incisions, the new technology allows for oneincision in the belly button.

The operation leaves the patientvirtually scar-less and in minimal pain and officials say the recorvery time isshorter.

During the procedure the surgeon sits in aconsole viewing the patient and controls the robot arms with his hand andfinger movements.

"The robot allows usto have a little bit more fine control during surgery, you can operate withmore precision," said Greg DeArmond, M.D., F.A.C.S., Board CertifiedGeneral Surgeon.

Though the gallbladder removal surgery was thefirst at Woodland Heights, surgeons also perform robotic assisted surgery ingynecology, urology and general surgery.

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