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Two Republican candidates contend to represent District 57


Two Republicans are vying for the position of District 57 Representative.

Incumbent Marva Beck and challenger Trent Ashby take pride in their conservative values and each believe they know what the District 57 communities need.

"I feel like I can champion the issues that are important to East Texas as I understand those issues and represent the values that really make East Texas a unique place to live," said Trent Ashby, District 57 Candidate.

 Angelina County resident Trent Ashby feels the rural values of District 57 are not big enough concern in the capital and he's ready to make some noise.

"The upcoming legislative session is going to demand that we need folks from rural Texas that understand the rural issues we are facing," said Ashby.

 For Ashby, education is a major issue and he believes rural schools are near the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to funding

"We need someone in Austin that understands the challenges that our rural schools face when it comes to funding and as local taxpayers when it comes to paying for local education," said Ashby.

Incumbent Marva Beck agrees that rural schools get the short end of the stick.

However she has a different approach on how she wants to adjust the public education system.

"A change from all of the testing that we do , schools more geared toward sending those kids that want to go to a four year college in that direction but also to take advantage of our great technical education that we have available here in Texas," said Marva Beck, State Representative District 57.

 Our natural resources are also a concern, after last year's drought Beck believes the best option would be to conserve our water sources.

"You can't grow crops you can't grow beef even without water so in order to provide those necessities of life. We have to have water so we have to do diligence in taking care of the resource," said Beck.

 According to Ashby, water may be just the resource to help stabilize the economy in East Texas.

"Water is going to be the new liquid gold, water is going to be the resource, the natural resource that everyone is looking for in terms of trying to figure out how to meet the demand for their own communities in the future," said Ashby.

If elected to office Ashby wants to use his platform to fight for the rights of landowners and give them the opportunity to turn a profit from the district's resources.

"Eminent domain is used to condemn property that is timberland. Those timberland owners are adversely impacted until that timber is old enough to be marketable they get fair market value, which until its pulpwood the fair market value is zero," said Ashby.

Beck says her ability to help balance the state's budgets without raising taxes is an accomplishment voters shouldn't overlook.

"We have to live within our budget here in Texas, we can't print money and we have a balanced budget amendment," said Beck.

She believes voters should keep her in office because this is all she does.

"You can call me at home you can call me anytime I'm a full time representative, I don't do this part time," said Beck.

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