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Lufkin cross-fit club to host fundraiser in honor of fallen Navy Seal


Seven years ago, Navy Seal LieutenantMichael Murphy was killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan.

Murphy was the first member of the Navyto receive the Medal of Honor since the Vietnam War.

To honor the fallen seal cross-fitclubs nationwide are participating in the "Memorial Day Murph Fundraiser,"including Lufkin based LoudHouse Crossfit.

"All the bench mark workouts for cross-fitare named after girls or they're named after heroes that were killed in action,"said Jason Skinner, Co-Owner, LoudHouse CrossFit.

Cross-fit workouts keep your body moving andno workout is ever the same.

"If you need to climb a wall or you needto run a 5k we're going to prepare you for that," said Skinner.

LoudHouse opened just two months agoand co-owner Kevin Mcgee says Saturday's fundraiser is a sneak peek into whatcross-fit work outs are all about.

"Olympic lifting, gymnasticsmovements, running, rowing biking, everything we just mix those up," saidKevin McGee, Co-Owner, LoudHouse CrossFIt.

 Everybody can go at their own pace.                                                  

"I have people that are very fitand then I have people that are very out of shape to all the exercises are justscaled to your ability," said Skinner.

Though the workout may seemintimidating, McGee says its important for the community to give back.

"I was in the military, I've gotfamily in the military and anything that supports them I love," saidMcGee.

 Before his death, Murphy risked his safety tosave members of his unit.

 Athletes try to channel Murphy's attitudeduring each workout, leaving nobody behind.

"Its individual what you're doingbut it's a support everybody type of atmosphere, everybody encourages you to dobetter and go faster and when you're done you encourage everybody else tofinish," said McGee.

The fundraiser starts Saturday at 10 A.M. atLoudHouse CrossFit. Participating in the workout cost 10 dollars and all of theproceeds and donations go to the Wounded Warrior Project.

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