Restaurant Report - Angelina - 5/24/12

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Taqueria Mi Tierra @ 500 N. Timberland: 39 demerits for improper temperatures, food being stored on the floor, raw meat cannot be stored over prepared food, must be access to restroom at all times, soap needed in restroom, Seal all holes around pipes ( must be insect and rodent proof) and store toxic items properly.

La Michoacana Meat Market @ 416 Atkinson: 33 demerits for improper temperatures, food must be labeled and dated, do not store food on floor, repair broken tiles, clean meat case, clean floor of cooler and freezer, repair leak in cheese cooler, hand sink must be accessible, self closure required on back door to control flies, do not use household pesticides, must have food grade containers and remove damaged cutting board.

China Garden @ 701 S. Timberland: 32 demerits for improper temperatures, employees must eat in designated areas and wash hands afterward, clean inside stand up freezer, protective light shields required in kitchen, remove wood table, do not store raw meat above vegetables, remove household equipment, screen door must be tight fitting, building must be insect and rodent proof, repair leak at cooking station, food grade containers required, discard broken ice cream scoop and sanitize inside ice machine.

Fiesta Mexicana @ 206 S. Timberland Dr.: 28 demerits for improper temperatures, clean under equipment, employees must eat in designated areas and wash hands afterward, protective light shields needed in waitress area, floor in kitchen needs to be recovered, paint bare walls, do not store raw meat above cooked food and food grade containers required.

Frutilandia Grocery & Deli @ 1907 N. Raguet: 25 demerits for sausage being stored at room temperature, remove expired food from shelves, replace walls in restroom, self closure required on bathroom door, clean floor under equipment, keep items out of hand sink, outside storage building must be insect and rodent proof, hand washing sink is for hand washing only, keep toxic items away from single service items, household insecticides not allowed, all bulk food scoops must have handles, store utensils properly and clean inside microwave.

Ann's Burger Stop @ Hwy 69 Corer 706: 21 demerits for under equipment needs cleaned, clean under dry storage area, do not store fish in undrained ice, back door must seal tightly to control flies, repair leak to mop sink, clean wall behind mop sink, repair leak at ice machine, store ice scoop properly, clean fountain drink nozzles, must have scoops with handles and must have food grade containers.