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Generations merge at Nacogdoches Memorial Day event


Teenage civil air patrol cadets have no obligation to join the military. At age 18 they can make their decision to follow any walk in life. When veteran McNeil Grimes Jr. was 18 the choices were limited.

"I was drafted," Grimes said. "When I went in, there were two officers sitting at a table in Houston. They said, 'What service would you like?,' and I said, 'I would rather have the Navy than the infantry.' 'Go this way.' I head to San Diego from there for boot camp."

In a couple of years, 16-year-old Ryan Davis will voluntarily find his way to his military branch of choice.

"I'm interested in a career in the Air Force," Davis said.

Yet Davis and the other civil patrol cadets have a full appreciation of all the military branches.

Cason Monk-Metcalf funeral directors want to merge the generations at its annual memorial day service. Veterans know not all teens take an interest in such things, but they are glad for the ones who do.

"It's a great thing that they do the remembrance and know what it's for," Grimes said. "Best country in the world."

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