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Annual Avenue of Flags pays tribute to our country’s fallen heroes


The stars and stripes proudly wave inthe morning breeze.

Veterans passionately singing "Proudto be an American," in remembrance of fallen soldiers.    

 "A lot of people gave all but those thatdied it's a day to remember all of those that gave all," Sgt. Major EdwardT. Stanberry, Army Veteran.

Lieutenant Colonel Albert J. Charanza Jr.served in the marine corps for 22 years.  

 Through a lifetime of service he explained thosewho enlist in service are showing their appreciation to a country that offersso many opportunities.

 "We've been given so many blessings andfreedoms that we join because we want to defend and serve and protect thosefreedoms," said Charanza.    

Throughout the garden of memories,American Flags decorated the graves of the men and woman who once served thiscountry.

"Thousands of Americans are ingraves here and abroad and we've got to remember that what they gave, we couldnot have a day off from work and enjoy it without their sacrifice," saidCharanza.

 Charanza says service men and women gladlymake sacrifices because it gives others the chance to live free.

"You see what happened at 9-11 ifwe're not out there putting out lives on the line then terrorists or ourenemies will come in and attack and take out more American. So I believe thesacrifice of a few can save many more," said Charanza.

Knowing they are the first line ofdefense for an entire nation keeps everything in perspective.

"You're tire you're exhausted andyou just keep remembering why you do what you do. Its for the love of yourcountry and dedication to the brothers and sisters beside you as you fighttogether," Charanza.

While the uniforms and battlefield mayhave changed he says the strength and courage of those who serve, never will.

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