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Angelina County reports low voter turnout for this year's Primary Election

Bettie Kennedy Bettie Kennedy

"Now we have a right to vote, and we can vote. But, there's a lack in it," said community activist, Bettie Kennedy.

After decades of civil rights movements, fighting for equal rights and the freedom to vote, Bettie Kennedy says she's concerned about the lack of voter participation amongst minorities.

"Many of our young people, I feel, are not really aware of the importance of their votes," said Kennedy.

Kennedy proudly carries her voter registration card. At 81 years old, she says she's voted since the law has allowed her, and feels all minorities should exercise that right.

Kennedy says there were several different factors that led to low voter turnout during this round of elections, especially amongst minorities.

"Some reasons, I believe, they're not registered or they're confused. The fear of voting, some think that their vote will not count," said Kennedy.

But, it's not just minorities avoiding the polls. Angelina County Tax Assessor Collector, Midget Sherman, says at least two thousand less East Texans participated in this round of early voting.

"You're letting someone else make your decisions for you," said Sherman.

Sherman says when the polls closed on Friday, about 64-hundred Angelina County residents voted early. She says typically early voting tends to have more voters than election day, indicating this year there may be less voters participating in the election.

"I think it all boils back down to it's a right that you have, a God-given right. And, you need to practice your right, whether you're a minority or not. The only way you can get your word across is to go out and vote," said Sherman.

Kennedy and Sherman agree, your one vote can make a difference. Voters have until 7 p.m. Tuesday night to cast their vote.

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