The Restalyne Revolution: Getting Rid Of Winkles And Fine Lines

First it was the Botox boom and now it's the Restalyne revolution. If you want to get rid of those wrinkles and fine lines on your face without surgery, you can. With a quick injection of Restalyne, an FDA-approved beauty treatment, you can say goodbye to your wrinkles in about 15 minutes.

Louann Burns likes to look her best.

"I want to stay young looking," she says.

Makeup and so-called miracle creams have kept her looking great, but at 46, she says her wrinkles are getting harder to hide.

"When you put makeup on, it just makes them more prominent," Louann adds.

Fed up with the fine lines, she went to Dermatology Associates in Tyler to see what they could do to help. There she learned about Restalyne. It is a natural injection that can reduce fine lines and wrinkles in minutes.

Dr. Max Adler injects Restalyne in Louann's lip and laugh lines.

"What I am doing is just threading the needle just under the surface of the skin," he explains.

Unlike botox, which is a poison, Restalyne is a sugar your body naturally produces. As soon as it is injected, it creates volume and fills in your wrinkles. The best part is that it's long lasting.

"It has a life of about six to nine months. Eight or nine is average for [most] people," he adds.

As the Restalyne breaks down, it binds to the water in your body and plumps up your skin. The whole treatment lasts about 15 minutes, and the pain factor?

"I didn't feel a thing," says Louann.

At first look, Louann is happy.

"I think it looks good," she says while looking in the mirror.

She'll be a little swollen for about a week, but those fine lines are finally history.