Shelby Co. authorities: Body ID'd as that of La. man

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

By Erin Stevenson

SHELBY COUNTY, TX (KSLA) - The Shelby County Sheriff's Office has confirmed the identity of a man whose body was found in the woods near a cemetery.

The body of Ashton Randle, 33, of Logansport, La., was found near Strong Cemetery on May 20 around 6:15 p.m. by a passerby on Forest Service Road 197, off of FM 139.

Sheriff Newton Johnson said the investigation continues into the cause of Randle's death.

Before his gruesome death, Randle posted a shocking premonition on his Facebook profile.

He wrote, "I gotta alot of people who want mi head."

Randle's fiancee, Julia Patton says there was a hit out on him, even though he promised to stay out of trouble.

"He vowed he'd try to turn his life around," Patton said. "And he got into something he couldn't get out of and it cost him his life."

The crime was horrible.

"Nobody deserves to go out like that," Patton said. "I don't care what they did, they don't deserve to go out like that. He got shot three times in the stomach, they beat his brains in."

But Patton says the attempt at disposing of her fiance's body was worse.

"They threw him in a hog trap so that the hogs would eat him, but the buzzards got to him first," she said.

By the time a hunter discovered the body on May 20, authorities say Randle's face was unrecognizable.

It wasn't until fingerprints were taken in Austin that the body was identified.

"I think it was horrible the way they did it," Patton said. "They could've went a different way about it."

And now Randle's fiancee is on the run for her life, for fear she'll suffer a similar fate.

"The same people that did that to him, they had a hit out on me as well," Patton said. "So I had to leave. It was either leave or lose my life."

The Shelby County Sheriff's Office says the hunt for a killer is ongoing.

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