Police arrest 'most wanted' Lufkin man on 27 traffic warrants

Alexander Blow. (Source: Angelina County Jail.)
Alexander Blow. (Source: Angelina County Jail.)

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A Lufkin man has begun a 132-day jail sentence after failing to pay 27 traffic fines totaling $13,253.

Alexander Damone Blow, 24, was previously the number-one most wanted person with Lufkin Municipal Court, according to City Marshal Brian Smith.

Smith said Blow had avoided at least two warrant roundups. On Thursday, Blow came to Lufkin City Hall to try to settle the fines and was told he would either have to pay the fines in cash or go to jail. Because he did not have the money, police arrested him on the warrants. He now must serve 132 days in jail.

Smith said Blow had worked out payment plans on the tickets, but did not make the payments and managed to beat the system for a couple years.

"He would come in and set up payment plans, wouldn't keep them," Smith said. "He'd get arrested. We'd see him at the jail. He'd make a deal with the jail and get out and not keep his promises. So, they kind of accumulated."

"It got to the point where he was pretty much riding the system," Smith said.

Blow's traffic fines include multiple offenses of expired licence plates, driving with license invalid, failure to maintain financial responsibility, speeding, invalid inspection certificate, failure to control speed, operating an unregistered motor vehicle, no driver's license and not wearing a seatbelt.

According to Smith, Blow is not the first to ignore the law.

Many East Texans, he says, get tickets and disregard the consequences.

"That's the frustrating part to law enforcement," Smith said. "It's people out there who do ignore the laws and who don't do what they're supposed to do."

Smith says when you do receive a ticket, you have 12 days to either make arrangements or pay up before a warrant is issued in your name and police come looking for you.

"There's options," Smith said. "They can come in on their own. If they come in on their own, then normally, they won't be arrested."

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