Flowers of hope provide support for Nacogdoches County Assistant DA

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Patrick Sanders is one of several co-workers out planting "flowers of hope".

"That's what we do. We strengthen families. And so, we decided today that we would strengthen someone that's part of the GETCAP Headstart family, which is one of our co-workers," said GETCAP Headstart employee, Patrick Sanders.

Sanders' co-worker, Cathryn Krug, is praying her husband wins the battle for his life.

"They're still fighting for him. There's been a lot of prayers, a lot of support from Nacogdoches. And, they're not giving up, and I'm not either," said Krug.

James Krug, Assistant DA for Nacogdoches County, suffered a brain aneurysm almost three months ago. Sanders says his health has been touch and go. Building this house was one of the projects he was working on at the time.

"He got sick in the middle of building the house, and the house is complete now. And so, we came out to just kind of encourage her and give her a little hope," said Sanders.

"I'm hoping to bring him home to the house that my husband and I have dreamed of and we built together. And, this is kind of our dream. This is something we've been working for our children and us," said Krug.

Krug says she reluctantly moved to Nacogdoches with her husband. Seeing the outpouring of support, now she says she knows why she's here.

"And now, I have to say, this is home. This is family. This is Nacogdoches, and I'm proud to raise my kids here," said Krug.

Krug hopes her husband gets better within the next week, so he can be transferred to a rehab center. She anticipates bringing him home within the next six months.

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