Inside East Texas: “Responsible Pet Ownership”


In this edition of Inside East Texas, we talked  about issues that can help you be a responsible pet owner. Controlling the pet population is an ongoing problem here in East Texas. Veterinarians say the best solution is to get your animals spayed or neutered.

As the number of stray and abandoned animals grows each year, that means more and more of them have to be euthanized. In Angelina County alone, more than 4,000 dogs and cats were put down last year because there were no homes for them. That's why animal shelter managers urge you to get your pets spayed or neutered, especially female cats

Being a responsible pet owner is one of the hardest non-paying jobs you can have. Some pets may appear self-sufficient, but the truth is all pets are very dependent on their owner.

We discussed spaying and neutering, the benefits of pet therapy, pet personalities, took a look at the newest animal shelter to be built in East Texas, pet poisoning dangers, and how to introduce your pet to the new baby.





Tina Alexander




Mitch Wilder, Pet Specialist
Kim Frels, Winnie Berry Animal Shelter



Contributing Correspondents

Jessica Cervantez
Donna McCollum