Weather Conditions Looking Better

Heavy rains caused several flood-covered roads in our area to close down yesterday, but tonight officials say all of the roads are now re-opened.

In Angelina County, four to six inches of water covered FM Road 324 last night, forcing that road to be shut down. That road is now re-opened to drivers. Those same rains completely washed out three roads in Trinity County, making it difficult for some residents to get to their homes.

FM 1280 at Little White Rock Creek in Trinity County is again open to the public after undergoing some minor pavement repairs. Other roads that were closed in Trinity County are now re-opened as well.

In Polk County, the rains fell just as hard, downing several trees that had to be cut off some roads. Tex-dot officials say all debris in our area has now been cleared, and that all roads are now safe for you to drive on.

17 inches of rain fell in nine hours in Hearne, which is about 20 miles from Bryan-College Station. At least 10 people were hurt, as homes flooded and roads were washed away. Between 175 and 200 homes were damaged. As many as 30 residents were rescued from treetops, homes, and cars. At one point yesterday, half of Robertson County was under water. Classes were canceled at Hearne High School after more than two dozen classrooms were flooded.

So much rain fell, that it caused a dam to break. Bridges were also washed out, and entire neighborhoods were swamped.