Nacogdoches father spreads tire safety warning one year after daughter's death

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - "Sweet, loving life, loved horses, very passionate about everything she does," said James Gore, father of Rebecca Gore.

A year after losing his 19-year-old daughter in a traffic accident, James Gore wants others to watch their wheels. One of Rebecca's tires separated, sending her pickup out of control.

"What I'm doing now, I don't want to have anybody else to have to experience this. It's very painful," said Gore.

The tires on her Ford Ranger were nine years old when the blowout took her life.

"Plenty of tread left and age is something a lot of people just don't know about or know how to determine how old their tires are," said Gore.

Gore has spent the last year researching basic maintenance. He says every year, more than 550 families experience similar tragedy from tire failure.

"Often times when we investigate accidents, it is a factor that they had a defective tire," said DPS Spokesman David Hendry.

Paul Lyons, General Manager of Cook Tire and Service, points out all tires have expiration dates, no matter if the car is parked or rolling.

"Because of the bond between the rubber and steel breaks down," said Lyons.

Lyons says tires should be changed every six years, however he says it's best if you change them every four.

"If your tires, if they were to blow or you be involved in a crash, you know, you want to have a concern for the safety of others so that you don't get into their lane," said Hendry.

Every tire comes with a manufacturing date imprinted on the outer wall. Look for the numbers that begin with DOT. For example, this tire was made the 20th week of 2011. One simple check can keep your family safe, along with other drivers.

Lyons also recommends motorists keep proper air pressure in your tires. And, you should have your tires rotated every five thousand miles. If in doubt, contact your mechanic.

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