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Memorial service audio sheds light on Wells church group beliefs


Audio from a memorial service for three-day-old Faith surfaced on the You Must Be Born Again
Ministries website. The church's speaker attempts to shed light on why their group believed prayer would save the infant.

Faith was only three-days-old when she passed away after her death she was surrounded by prayer for 15 hours.

"We weren't being foolish we wanted God to be glorified," said  Sean Morris, YMBBA Ministries."

 During a memorial service for the infant, Church of Arlington member Sean Morris said faith's death was a part of god's plan.

"Concerning the place that we've sinned as elders and as a church after that child died we believed it was God's will that the child would be raised," said Morris.

 According to Cherokee County officials, Faith wasn't born in a hospital.

Neighbor Tamika Harrison spoke with the family, they told her faith was born healthy, but with some alarming symptoms.

"They told me the baby was fine but her hands and her feet were blue," said Harrison.

"Investigators have learned the child might have been born in distress," said Captain John Raffield, Cherokee County Sheriff Department.

 A condition often caused by rapid labor and delivery complications that reduce blood flow to the baby.

Instead of taking the child to the hospital, parents called their church members and prayed their faith would save the child.

"We've seen many miracles as a church and as individuals, I'm not boasting but I'm just giving you something from our mindset," said Morris.

The group took instruction from a story in the Bible about a king who sought help from physicians rather than God.

"We're not against hospitals or medical fields or medicine we use hospitals and medicine. We're not against any of these things all we're against is that putting those things supremely over Christ," said Morris.

While the family mourns, Morris believes God's truth will honor Faith's death.    

Faith's parents have three other children all under the age of five. The Cherokee County Sheriff's Department is working with Child Protective Services on the investigation.

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