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City of Nacogdoches looking into natural gas station


Discussion continues on constructing a compressed natural gas station for city and county vehicles in Nacogdoches.

City officials will present to council information on a company they're wanting to hire to conduct a professional assessment.

The city and county have already indicated they would share in the $53,000 consulting fee.

Preliminary studies indicate that much will be made back quickly through the use of CNG.

"Nacogdoches County spent $620,000 last year in gas, so if there is anything that we can do to cut that figure back any it's certainly a cost savings to us," said County Judge Joe English.

"When you look just at the city sanitation department, the savings would be about $100,000 per year," said City Manager Jim Jeffers.

Neither the council or commissioner's court will make a final decision until after the consulting assessment is completed. A decision on the consultant should come at Tuesday night's council meeting.

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