The chances of you getting wet this week

The odds of rain each day this week for Deep East Texas.
The odds of rain each day this week for Deep East Texas.

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - The month of June has gotten off to quite a hot start around East Texas, with afternoon highs running several degrees above normal for this time of year.

Outside of the rain we received last Thursday, it has been fairly dry over the past several weeks, with high pressure dominating the landscape.

Our rain chances, however, will be much better this week as we will have multiple days with a chance of rain in the forecast.

The Setup

A weak cold front will slowly drift into the Piney Woods and stall on top of us or just to our south.  This frontal boundary will serve as a focal point for showers and thunderstorms to develop each day this week.

In addition to the surface front, there will be an upper level disturbance situated in Northwest Texas.  That disturbance will draw in Gulf of Mexico moisture and be another factor in developing some rain around these parts.

What Are The Odds?

The graphic to your right shows the probability of precipitation over the next five days.  The best likelihood of you receiving rain in your backyard is on Wednesday and Thursday, when the chance is at 50%.

Keep in mind that the chance of rain has nothing to do with areal coverage, intensity, nor the amount of time it will rain during the day.  It is simply the odds of you getting wet at any point during the day.

It is possible that you may receive rain on one day and then completely miss out the next.  At the same time, your friend or neighbor that lives a mile or two down the road could get under a heavy downpour, while you only get a sprinkle.

Make sure you pack your umbrella this week, as you might need it a time or two between now and Friday.

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