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Gift of Love: Jesse

A little ice cream is a great way to cool off as we pile the goodies on top of our Toppings yogurt.

Jesse is a fun loving little boy. He enjoys playing basketball, as this is his favorite sport!      Jesse is also a huge fan of the WWE and enjoys showing you the moves the wrestlers perform.

"You can't see me!" Jesse says as he mimics his favorite wrestler.
Jesse loves wrestling and hopes to sit ringside one day.  He has a long list of favorites! 

Jesse is very energetic and outgoing.  If he isn't outside, you can usually find him inside building things with his Legos. Jesse loves to put things together!  He also likes to play with his action figures.

"Two of my favorite toys: Ironman which I have and John Cena which I have," Jesse said.
Jesse has been diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart disease and has recently undergone corrective surgery.  He has recovered well and his medical conditions will still need to be monitored.  Due to Jesse being very energetic and active, his activities will need to be monitored so he doesn't get over exhausted. 

As for school, Jesse loves learning.  

His favorite subject is, "Math, guess what? I know math problems like that. " Jesse said as he snapped his fingers.

Jesse also hopes to travel with his new forever family including trips to theme and water parks.

"Disney World!" Jesse said with a big smile.

Always on the go, Jesse loves to eat and he eats pretty healthy.

"Macaroni and cheese, corn on the cob, green beans, fruits, vegetables and guess what I just learn in class? Ice cream is really milk!" Jesse said.

This spunky child is always full of fun facts and stories.  Now he hopes a family give him the Gift of Love so he can have a happily ever after.


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