Lufkin city officials urge homeowners to remove dead trees

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Peeling bark, brown leaves, and leaning trunks are all signs a tree has reached the end of its life. Lufkin city officials are warning folks of serious dangers created by last summer's drought.

"It appears, at this point, that we may be in for a little bit more of that this year. The temperatures are relatively high," said Dale Allred, Director of Inspection Services for the City of Lufkin.

Tree drop, as it's called, causes a dead tree to suddenly split apart or topple over.

"We don't want anybody's property damaged by a tree. But, mostly we do not want somebody injured by a tree," said Allred.

Allred says officials are surveying the city and trying to point out potentially deadly hazards. Trees in many yards have already been asked to come down. Homeowners will have 30 days to remove the trees, after being notified. After two warnings, they could face a fine.

"If they let it hang around the yard, it's going to take power lines down, houses, and property that you want to try to save. The trees are going to fall and tear stuff up," said Timberland Nursery owner, Melvin Walker.

Walker has been in the tree trimming business for 45 years. He says calls for tree removal are keeping him on the move.

"There's a bunch of trees out there, here in this area, that got to be taken down," said Walker.

Walker says there are many trees he even has to take down on his property.

Once a tree dies, walker says decay sets in quickly, along with the danger.

"Usually, it takes about from six months to a year before it starts dropping limbs real bad," said Walker.

Their best advice is to act now. The longer you wait, the more expensive removal will be.

Allred says if homeowners cut their trees down into manageable size pieces, call Lufkin Solid Waste, and place them out with the trash, they'll come out to pick it up. However, you should be careful when trying to cut down your own trees as they can fall on you or your home. If you're unsure, don't hesitate to call the professionals.

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