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How bad is the 'summer slide?'


It's called the 'Summer Slide' and even though it may sound fun, you might want to keep your kids away from it this summer.

It's the term used to describe students forgetting what they learned during the school year over the summer months.

What if you could play a game with your kids, while promoting their mental skills and best part it's free?

"I think my kids love games and if you can figure out a way to help them learn by letting them have fun in the meantime I think it's a win-win," says Amy Hosch, mother of four kids.

Martin Krueger, with LearningRX, says most kids can lose up to 2.6 months worth of math skills over the summer, and most teachers spend 4 to 6 weeks re-teaching what kids learned the previous school year.

So Krueger says playing games, like paperless tic-tac toe, can help with memorization and visualization.

"You just picture the grid in the air and then you just start putting your X's and O's and each pair has to remember where it's at," says Krueger.

Remember that game 20 questions? It actually helps with logic, reasoning and memory.

"The questions have to be really specific and help them become creative with the questions," says Krueger.

Another really good way to keep your kids' minds active over the summer is to incorporate physical activities to their learning games. For instance, Krueger says walking up the stairs while counting by 2's is a good one.

"When you start counting in multiples you are having to think about organization and thinking ahead. So it's logic and reasoning, short term memory and it's also visualization because as you're walking you have to visualize those numbers in your brain," says Krueger.

Martin says the best part about these brain games is everyone can do them.

They are ageless games that will help stimulate your mind.

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