Zavalla residents react to new mayor's plans for the city

ZAVALLA, TX (KTRE) - "I think he'll be good as mayor," said Zavalla resident, Belinda Crabb.

Crabb is one of the many Zavalla residents who's vocal about the new mayor's plans for the city. Jimmy Davis was elected in May and wants to be the voice of the people.

"I wanted to do something for this city," said Zavalla Mayor, Jimmy Davis.

Not everyone thinks Davis has the best intentions.

"I haven't seen anything positive from what Mr. Davis has said or done," said Zavalla Municipal Judge, Bruce Milstead.

Since taking office, Davis has reviewed the police department's productivity and length of a work week for city employees. Last year, Zavalla went to a four day work week to cut costs. Davis thinks it's counter-productive.

"If it's cost cutting because a four-day work week you save on electricity, we're doing a poor job," said Davis.

Local store owner, Carolyn Guzman, says she's nervous about the new mayor's direction for the city, including plans to switch back to a five day work week.

"They saved on electric, electrical bills and stuff like that, and I think it was better. You save a little bit of money, but in the long run, it could be enough to buy something else," said The Blueberry Bog store owner, Carolyn Guzman.

Also on Davis' agenda, finding a new city judge that is from Zavalla. He's not hiding the idea, even handing out a survey asking for feedback.

"I have the authority as mayor to replace him on my own. But, I have brought it before the city council to make that decision," said Davis.

Municipal Judge, Bruce Milstead, has served Zavalla for 18 years. He says being removed because he's not local is wrong.

"As a public official for over 25 years, I maintain that you do the right thing," said Milstead.

Milstead wants his chance to weigh-in, but that may not happen. The matter will be discussed in a closed session at Monday's city council meeting. City council is set to meet Monday at 6 p.m. at Zavalla City Hall. On the agenda, discussion of Milstead's future, the city returning to a five day work week, and other items.

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