Dozens of quilts on display in Nacogdoches show

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Jeri Lafferty smiles, happy to be one of the winners in this year's Blueberry Festival of Quilts.

Lafferty won the first-place ribbon in the Blueberry Quilt competition, a category in which the quilter can only use white and shades of blue.

Lafferty, who has been quilting since the age of 5, says this isn't the first ribbon she's won. She won in the same category a few years ago.

She says nevertheless, she's still ecstatic.

"I am just amazed," Lafferty said. "I really am. This is a big thrill for me."

Pat Curtis is the co-chair of the quilt competition. She caught the bug around 12 years ago and often works on many projects at a time.

This year 147 quilts were entered in the competition.

Curtis, who is a member of the quilt guild, says the quilts are judged by someone outside the guild.

Sarita Steed-Bradley served as one of two judges. This was her first time judging the "Blue and White" blueberry category.

A lifelong quilter, she says the quilts require many attributes in order to win.

"What I'm always looking for is, first of all, aesthetic composition," Steed-Bradley said. "Use of form and line and color and value and those sorts of things, within the overall composition of the quilt. And then the second thing I'm always looking for is craftsmanship, which is, you know how well it is stitched."

Lafferty says it's easy to get started quilting and it's addicting.

"It is a disease," Lafferty said. "Once you get into, you just keep agoing. You keep building. You always have your next ten projects picked out before you finish this one."

One quilt is put up in a raffle each year. Guild members choose businesses in which the proceeds will be donated.

The Festival of Quilts continues through 4 p.m. Saturday. Admission is $5.

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