Lufkin Dream Center prepares to be a beacon of hope in Angelina Co.

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - This weekend volunteers gathered atthe Lufkin Dream Center, to raise money for a facility that will soon changelives.

"They don't have hope, they don'thave self-esteem, they just need a place to start over," said DianaBrummett, homeless sister was killed.

Volunteers hope the Lufkin Dream Center willbe just that, a place where those who are struggling can be reacquainted withhope.

"We have counseling services, wehave living facilities here, we are going to do classes. We want to teachpeople how to survive and how to be proud of what they do," said TracyBerry, Chairman, Lufkin Dream Center Family Fun Day.

The outreach center was inspired by His Heart,His Hands Ministries, an organization that volunteers their time to helpingthose struggling with addiction, abuse and those who are homeless.

"We saw that when we would gohome that these people would have to go back to their homes and some had nohomes, some were a home of hopelessness so we knew we needed to do more,"said Billie Johnson, Founder, Lufkin Dream Center.

The former Peavy Switch site currentlyaccommodates 40 men and 21 women and children

"There are three facilities rightnow that need restoration to be operational," said Johnson.

Diana Brummett is an avid supporter ofthe center, her homeless sister Joy was killed last August. Brummett believes aplace like the dream center could have saved her sister's life.

"She needed a place where shecould just start new and I think this dream center is going to be that placefor a lot of people," said Brummett.

"There is not a family out therethat hasn't been touched by addiction, by hurt, by loss, so we're just tryingto offer them a hand up not so much a hand out," said Berry.

Officials hope that the dream centerwill change not only the lives of those struggling but the entire community.

"My hope for the dream center, isthat it will be a city on a hill, that when people leave here their lives willbe restored," said Johnson.

Construction on the buildings willbegin in August, dream center officials hope to begin services in September.

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