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WEB EXCLUSIVE: “Pipe Kitty” and “Ditch Doggie” rescued; adopted

The two rescued animals The two rescued animals
"Ditch Doggie" or "Bruiser McLean" "Ditch Doggie" or "Bruiser McLean"
"Pipe Kitty" or "Piper" "Pipe Kitty" or "Piper"

(WMC-TV) – Two stories about two rescues - just days apart - led to the same heart-warming ending.

We've learned "Ditch Doggie" was adopted by his rescuer, just like his feline counterpart, "Pipe Kitty."

Two cuddly creatures kept the Mid-South on the edge of their seats over the last week.

We first learned about the Ditch Dog Wednesday.  Memphis Police Officer Jackie Wells rescued the puppy from a storm drain on McLean, after heavy rains Monday night.

"Whoever would like to come and adopt this beautiful Labrador mix would be graciously welcomed," stated James Rogers with Memphis Animal Services.

During the rescue, Officer Wells was hospitalized, after falling into a 10-foot ditch.

In an odd coincidence, the puppy rescue was followed by a kitty rescue just two days later, near Summer and Waring.

Action News 5 viewers followed the real-time rescue of this feline dubbed "Pipe Kitty."

After a 15-hours of digging by city crews and Greenway Home Services plumbers, Pipe Kitty made it out alive.

In a coincidental turn of events, both of these snuggly sweeties were snapped up for adoption by the very people who rescued them.

Officer Wells named her new pup "Bruiser McLean", because she was bruised and she found him on McLean.

Plumber Fred Simmons renamed "Pipe Kitty" Piper, for obvious reasons.

Two tales about lives that began lost and alone, evolved into a story of new pals with a warm and fuzzy ending.

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